About Us

Westminster Capital Group and affiliates comprise a private investment and management firm with extensive experience in real estate, finance, and private equity investment.  Growing from a time-tested, vertically integrated, real estate-focused family enterprise, Mr. Greg Belzberg and members of his family have owned and directed Westminster Capital for more than 40 years. Mr. Belzberg is Chairman and CEO of the company.


Real Estate

Westminster Capital’s investment philosophy balances an entrepreneurial approach with a focus on reducing downside risk and protecting capital through detailed due diligence, in-depth analysis, conservative underwriting and deliberate portfolio diversification. The firm's current real estate investment strategy focuses on developing, repositioning and investing in commercial income properties, multi-family, student housing, luxury homes, and land entitlement. We also offer a real estate lending program to commercial property developers and owners for acquisition, redevelopment and value-add opportunities. Our target markets are California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, and Florida. Westminster also allocates capital for opportunistic investments in other U.S. states.

The real estate history of Westminster Capital and the Belzberg family dates back to the mid 1900’s when the family built a large portfolio of land holdings and buildings in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  The family real estate holdings grew to include several million square feet of commercial property, thousands of multi-family units, and thousands of acres of residential land.  The family owned companies combined to be one of the largest residential and commercial developers and investors in the Western U.S.

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Private Equity

Westminster Capital has a diverse history investing in private equity opportunities and owning operating businesses across various industries including; consumer packaging and merchandising, audio visual rental, automotive supply, grocery, medical supply and manufacturing, technology, homewares, cemeteries, furniture manufacturing, financial services, insurance and securities.


What we do

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Commercial Income Properties

WCG Southland Development

Multi-Family, Student Housing

Westminster Lending

Private Lending

Belzberg Design Development

Luxury Home Developer

W/E Development

Land Entitlement & Development

Private Equity

Operating Companies


Opportunistic Investments